COVID-19 Update

I hope everyone is having a very nice and safe spring up to this point!  The past month and half has been very interesting and very scary!  This pesky little virus, Covid-19, has really turned things upside down in the past weeks with no definite end in sight.  Speaking of turning things upside down.  Who on earth ever thought that there would be national toilet paper shortage?  By the way, I am willing to trade some toilet paper for car parts!  All kidding aside.  This Covid-19 virus is a very serious threat that is going to have a definite effect on our lives from here on out!  Due to this threat, many organizations are making some very hard decisions on whether they are going to hold large group events.  We have already seen events, in our hobby, canceled or postponed to a later date.  These groups have made these difficult decisions to stay in accordance with social distancing standards with the hope of keeping this virus from spreading.

As a group, NDSRA is made up of members of all ages.  Some of us have parents and some even have grandparents that are members of our organization.   As we have all seen and heard, the covid-19 virus does not discriminate.  People of all ages have become ill from it with some even passing on from its complications.  There are many factors that put people at a higher risk of contracting the virus.  One of these high risk factors is age.  Based on the demographics of our club, a good share of us fit into the high risk category based on age alone.  After taking this and many other factors into consideration, the board members of NDSRA, by a majority vote, have made the difficult decision to “suspend all NDSRA’s activities that were scheduled. This includes pick sites, cars of the year, and Motor to McClusky, as well as any other NDSRA sponsored events that was set to take place over the summer of 2020 for the safety of our club members.”  This does not mean that the rod runs and events sponsored by local clubs are canceled.  This will be left up to the local clubs, and their members, to make that decision.  Our decision just affects McClusky and the NDSRA picks.  Beings there will be no NDSRA picks given out this year, there will not be a NDSRA car of the year for 2020.

Despite the news I just gave and what is happening to the world around us.  I hope everyone stays safe and has a great summer!

Scott Voegele – Pres – NDSRA