North Dakota Street Rod Law

39-21-52 Exemption for certain street rod motor vehicles. The provisions of this chapter 52-04-04 of the North Dakota Administrative Code relating to bumpers, tires, and fenders do not apply to street rod motor vehicles. However, a street rod must have all equipment, in operating condition, which was specifically required by law as a condition of its sale when it was first manufactured. A street rod is a modernized motor vehicle which was manufactured before 1949 by a recognized manufacturer and which retains the general appearance and original body configuration as manufactured or a motor vehicle designed and manufactured to resemble such a motor vehicle. A street rod may have improved modifications to the body, chassis, engine, brakes, power train, steering, and suspension systems either by modifying the original equipment or replacing original parts with fabricated parts or those taken from other existing vehicles. The registrar may adopt rules to implement this section.

North Dakota Pioneer Plate Law

39-04-10.4. Antique Motor Vehicles – – License and fee – – Use 1. Any motor vehicle which is at least forty years old may be permanently licensed by the department upon the payment of a registration fee of ten dollars. The department shall design an issue a distinctive number plate, the owner of the motor vehicle may, at the discretion of the registrar, display on the motor vehicle a number plate from the year in which the motor vehicle was manufactured. The number plate from the year of manufacturer may not be used in lieu of a distinctive number plate when it would create a duplication of a number in the record keeping system of the department. A number plate from the year of manufacture must be legible and must be restored to the satisfaction of the department. Nothwithstanding section 39-04-11, only one number plate needs to be displayed on a motor vehicle licensed under this subsection. Motor vehicles registered under the provisions of this section may not be used in the routine functions of a business or farming operation. 2. Any motor vehicle which is at least forty years old may, if not licensed under subsection 1. Be permanently licensed using a personalized plate issued under section 39-04-10.3, in which case a one-time fee of one hundred dollars is due.